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What to say about this awesome family????  Yup, already said it.  I had such a great time in Cancun while I was down there for Rachel & Jeff’s wedding and while every single person that was there for the wedding was great, the Wiemkens really made it extra great for me.  I love my family a lot, but I wouldn’t mind being a member of this family…that are that great of a group of people…true story.  Randy, Kim, Rachel, Jeff, Ben, Megan, Ethan, and Libby, thank you so much for showing me a good time 🙂

I loved Rachel & Jeff’s small, intimate wedding and while the weather didn’t hold up to have the reception outside like planned, it didn’t get in our way of having fun.  I loved everything about their day and loved walking around a grabbing some pics at the resort of the newlyweds 🙂  My favorite things about destination weddings is how chill they are and this one was mo exception…I think the images show it.

Since we were already in Mexico for the wedding, we figured we’d take a little time and get some more lifestyle type images.  Everything was shot on the Contax 645 with either Fuji Pro 400H or Kodak Portra 400.

Well 2010 came and went.  I had a great end to my year photographing Rachel and Jeff’s beautiful destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico.  What a wonderful way to end my 2010 and start out my 2011.  Happy New Year 🙂